Antique Turkeman Carpet 47231


This brilliant antique Turkmen carpet is alive with tribal details that add to the vivacious style of the classic designs, bright tassels and ancillary decorations.


2 ft 6 in (0.76 m)


4 ft 1 in (1.24 m)

Turkmen Rug, Central Asia РFull of energy, color and rich details, this antique Turkmen carpet represents the best features of these beloved tribal trappings. Following esoteric traditions, this tribal creation displays a collection of quintessential motifs found in the group of five-sided trappings and decorative hangings known as asmalyk. The distinctively shaped field is covered with serrated stars arranged in an outstanding repeating pattern. Understated variations create matching patterns that slant downward and alternating figures that travel upward in the opposite direction. Strong colors and creamy ivory accents enhance the striking pattern and produce a splendid counterchange effect that focuses on the light-tone cocoons and dark latticework background. Stepped-lozenge guardbands and main borders featuring humanoid berekets and serrated stars line the lower perimeter of the irregular field, creating a pattern that echoes the central star figures.

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