Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug 47023

This dazzling antique Caucasian Shirvan prayer rug showcases a dramatic blossom-style arabesque surrounded by formal guardbands and exquisite kufesque borders.


3 ft 2 in (0.97 m)


4 ft 8 in (1.42 m)

Antique¬†Shirvan Rug, Origin: Caucasus¬†– This regal antique Caucasian prayer rug embodies the gestalt of Shirvan’s phenomenal style. Vibrant colors, graphic patterns and subtle symbols are expertly worked together to create a distinctive and lasting pattern versatile enough for traditional homes or modern spaces. In an archetypal Shirvan fashion, weavers combine rustic details and traditional compositional elements to develop a stately design enhanced by tribal symbols. The sumptuous midnight blue field is lined with angular botanical figures that create tension between the strongly colored ground and crisp foreground motifs, which are outlined by crimson lines and dotted with protection symbols. These lavish decorations and the strong composition of the directional field and angular prayer niche are balanced by multiple sets of high-impact borders, including barber-pole accents, protective crenellated fences, rosette chains and impeccably rendered kufesque motifs.

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