Small Antique Tribal Caucasian Kazak Rug 50582

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| Size: 4 ft x 8 ft (1.22 m x 2.44 m)Print

Small Antique Tribal Caucasian Kazak Rug, Country of Origin: Caucasus, Circa Date: 1900 – True to its traditional Caucasian roots, this brilliant Kazak rug features a variety of elegant angular elements. Vibrant colors create clear points of contrast, adding character and life to the masterpiece. A single large border dominates the Caucasian rug, bright red in hue and containing a beautiful series of winding stems and vines within. At the center of the rug is a deep, black background, itself home to numerous mandalas and other floral elements that establish the primary motif for the antique rug. The numerous minuscule details are meant to lead the viewer’s eyes, transforming the arrangement of lines into an abstract scene that teems with life and motion.

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