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Kazak Rugs – The historic Kazak Khanate was bounded by the rugged mountains and lush valleys of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. This cultural melting pot was populated by Armenian dyers and weavers, Azeri Turks, groups from the Northern Caucasus and minorities from the surrounding areas. The Kazak rugs of the Caucasus are distinctive and individual. Iconic design traditions featured in regional rugs include Memling guls, geometric people and animals, symbolic motifs, dramatic medallions, crenelated fence borders, angular cloud-bands and graphic latch hook. These spectacular hand knotted, Oriental rugs each incorporate a distinctive piece of Kazak culture. Antique Kazak carpets and rugs are filled with vivid colors and a rich assortment of deeply meaningful symbols that continue to delight collectors and traditional rug connoisseurs.

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The antique Kazak rugs, with their beautiful vegetable dyes and tribal patterns, are among the most prized and exciting Caucasian rugs. Famed for their rich colors, assertive, geometric drawing, and bold, large scale designs, they are sought after by collectors for their rugged authenticity, but they also make excellent accent rugs in a contemporary decorative setting. While Kazak rugs may have allover patterns, they are best known for their monumental and graphic medallion compositions, especially the Sevan and Karachopf types. When they are preserved with their original knots and thick pile, the beauty of the color and the lustrous quality of the wool really allows the powerful design of these charming rugs to shine through.

Caucasian Kazak Rugs for Decorating a Room

Kazak rugs stand out as some of the most highly-prized artistic artifacts of the Central Asian cultures and can add a touch of class and culture to a well-designed room.

Historically originating in the countries now known as Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia with the Azeri Turks, Kazak rugs grew from a folk craftsmanship traditions that emphasized skillful dyeing and weaving techniques. Outsiders who visited the Kazak Khanate were quick to praise the decorative aspects of these expertly woven rugs.

Rich geometric patterns are a defining design characteristic of Caucasian Kazak rugs. They often include the traditional gul, or medallion and latch hook, theme as well as highly stylized animals and even human figures. Interior designers love to use the intricacy and color of Kazak rug designs to offset minimalist design schemes.

One of the most appealing aspects of traditional Kazak rugs is their ability to withstand the last of time. This trait is thanks to the unparalleled dyeing ability of the Azeri Turks and the natural materials they used in their dyes. The jewel tone colors dyed into these textiles tend to hold up over decades and even centuries. A room with predominantly neutral tones is often a good fit for a Kazak rug, as the unique ruby reds, ivory off-whites, and sapphire blues of the rug are unlikely to clash with a room done largely in neutrals.

Individual tastes vary when it comes to pairing fine furniture with Kazak rugs. Some experts feel that modern furniture pieces display the sparseness and economy of design to set off the richness of a classical Kazak textile piece. Others prefer to pair the elegant geometry of Kazak rugs with more traditional furnishings. Bohemian decor, which takes its inspiration from ethnic pieces of diverse origins, is a natural fit for a room that features a Kazak rug as its centerpiece.

Everything You Want to Know About Rugs from the Caucasus

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