Beautiful Collection of Tribal Caucasian Antique Dagestan Rugs

Dagestan rugs – The Caucasian Dagestan antique rugs and carpets were produced in the Eastern part of the Caucasus. This is why they were closely related to Shirvan and Kuba rugs, which were woven and originated in the same general region. The antique Dagestan (Daghestan) carpets and rugs tend to have small-scale allover designs utilizing multiple repetitions in fine detail that is appropriate to their generally small size. This format was easily adapted by Dagestan rug weavers to prayer rugs by adding a simplified niche or mihrab at the top of the design.

The colors that we generally see in these Dagestan antique rugs are mostly rich and varied, with emphasis on blues, reds, yellows, and greens.

Everything You Want to Know About Rugs from the Caucasus

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Showing all 5 results