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Antique Quilts – Boasting an exceptionally long history, quilts are among the more well known and recognizable styles of weaving in the world. Traditionally, quilts consist of three separate layers – a woven cloth top, a layer of what is referred to as “wadding” or “batting” in between, and a woven back, all of which are joined together by the process of “quilting.” Quilts are distinct and are immediately recognizable from other types of weaving or blankets, as they are generally characterized by a sort of patchwork appearance, the result of a collection of different materials and cloths being utilized on the front side of the piece.

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Because quilts are generally utilitarian compositions, designed to be used as a blanket or perhaps as a throw, they will often feature designs that emphasize soft and comfortable ideas – floral patterns, depictions of animals, and simple patches of soft color are frequently featured on quilts.

While the primary association that most people have with quilts is that of a warm and special blanket, perhaps woven by a family member, there are a wide range of these pieces, some of which defy this seemingly commonsense association. This is because some antique quilts are woven in a particular manner, or by a particular designer, or perhaps simply in a particular aesthetic idiom; these variables go a long way in assessing whether a certain antique quilt is simply an aging piece of handiwork, or an excellent example of an innovative and exciting style. Yo-yo quilts are an excellent example of this phenomenon, as they represent a specific and sophisticated approach to quilt making.

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