Breathtaking Room Size Antique Hooked Rug 50562

Price: $26,000.00

| Size: 8 ft 4 in x 10 ft 6 in (2.54 m x 3.2 m)Print

Breathtaking Room Size Antique Hooked Rug 50562, Country of Origin / Rug Type: American Rugs, Circa Date: 1920 – Like many stunning American rugs, this masterpiece features an attractive series of woody tones, rendered in an elegantly stylized way. The vibrant red, khaki brown, gentle green and light blue of this Hooked rug all seem to have a texture of their own, presented together in a way not unlike a classical mosaic. The single red border is filled with blue stones, the colors coming together to lead the viewer to the center of the antique rug, where the palette takes on a noticeably more woody appearance. Here, the space is divided into a series of diamonds, each one containing a series of shapes that hint at a sunrise over a blue and misty field.

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