hr Antique Hooked American Rug 40327
Style: Hooked Rugs | Origin: American Rugs | Size: 1 ft 10 in x 2 ft 11 in (0.56 m x 0.89 m)
Price: $950.00
Antique Hooked American Rug 40327

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Hooked Rug, America, Early 20th Century - This aesthetically stripped down, minimal antique rug -- a hooked rug made in the United States during the early years of the twentieth century -- is a piece that speaks volumes to the tradition from which it was born. A simple design of soft red, mauve, and tan bands separated by dark tan pinstripes comprises the field of this charming little antique American hooked rug. Despite its folksy origins,the design is remarkably modern in its design and appeal. The variegated tones of the broad bands create the illusion of deep, open space that expands upon the strident simplicity of the design. While some antique American rugs -- even those with more elaborate designs -- might possess a quality of folksiness due to their manufacture, this gem of a piece possesses an air of artistic sophistication that speaks to the possibilities inherent in the world of hooked American rugs.