Antique Hooked American Rug 2454


This charming antique hooked rug is distinctively American although its medalion and realistic floral detail recall French Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets.


5 ft 11 in (1.8 m)


8 ft 11 in (2.72 m)

Hooked Rug, America, Circa 1900 – Here is a truly wonderful antique rug – a hooked rug made in the United States some time around the turn of the twentieth century. This rug represents something genuinely special, and is a testament to the artisans who produced it. A charming piece, this rug possesses many of the qualities most sought after by collectors and experts, and would bring beauty and sophistication to any home. While the medallion format, soft palette, and realistic floral detail of this charming antique hooked rug clearly recall French Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets, the particular detail and technique are distinctively American, in an authentic folk art tradition. The simple border underscores this homey American aspect, nicely setting off the exuberant charm of the field design. Simply put, this rug is a remarkable piece of work. A simple and charming design and composition combine to make this rug something more than a decorative piece: they combine to make it a veritable work of art.

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