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All Over Design Rugs

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Allover rugs are carpets composed of repeating or non-central design patterns with no particular focus within the rug. They are very popular in the modern market for their intrinsic ability to blend with their surroundings. These pieces are rarely used as center pieces for a room but rather subtle compliment the decor of any space.

Rugs with allover designs come from all across the world as well. These repeating pattern rug designs can be found in rugs from Persia such as this decorative Sultanabad, from Asia in rugs like this gallery sized Agra carpet, and even in American folk art pieces and Scandinavian flat-weaves like this geometric kilim (among many others).

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Whether they are produced in Persia, India, Europe or the United States, allover patterns are prized for their classic style and ability to flatter every interior environment. Allover patterns and repeating design can be formal, casual, subtle, bold and everything in between. They are restrained enough to complement rather than dominate the areas they decorate.

Allover rug patterns can support surrounding elements without drawing attention away from the furnishings, objects and architectural features that they are flattering. Rather than dictating the style of a particular room, carpet design with an allover pattern can make a space by being an effective supporting element.

Picture of Antique Persian Kerman Allover Design Rug #48869 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Antique Persian Kerman Allover Design Rug #48869

Allover rugs are traditionally favored by interior designers and decorators who need to tie together the look of a room without detracting from key pieces. The stark, abstract Moroccan rugs can do this very well for modern and minimalist interiors while European carpets and Persian rugs are quite ideal for decorating more traditional spaces.

Frequently, the decentralized arabesques and allover patterns featured in Persian and Turkish carpets are so beautifully drawn and opulent that they do become a key statement piece within the room. Antique carpets with allover patterns can be exotic, formal, floral, geometric or curve-linear. There are enough options in this diverse group to satisfy the most discerning palate and decisive designer.

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