Antique Uzbek Embroidery Textile 47395


Size: 5 ft 6 in x 6 ft 8 in (1.68 m x 2.03 m)

This remarkable, double-sided embroidery from Uzbekistan is resplendent with traditional Uzbek symbols and design elements, with each side boasting wholly unique compositions.

Antique Uzbek Embroidery, Origin: Uzbekistan, Circa: Early Twentieth Century – A remarkable double-sided embroidery, this beautiful crimson piece woven in Uzbekistan boasts a pair of very distinct yet complementary designs and patterns, each with wonderful examples of important traditional elements of Uzbek design. One side of this impressive embroidery features a series of abstract floral arrangements set against a field of soft red. Finely detailed blossoms populate a garden-style design in the center of the field, as well as in the upper corners. Botehs dance around a kite shaped border of circles in the center of this side, creating a sense of movement. Meanwhile, the reverse side of this Uzbek embroidery features a simpler design of nine large, stylized flowers of alternating color. Contrasting the meticulous detail of the opposite side, this face of the embroidery is much more straightforward in presentation, but no less expertly woven. The nine bright and energetic flowers set against a crimson field demonstrate the abstract design heritage of their Uzbek embroiders.

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