Colorful Antique American Folk Art Patchwork Quilt 71962


Size: 6 ft 2 in x 6 ft 8 in (1.88 m x 2.03 m)
Style: Quilts

Exciting and Colorful Folk Art Antique American Quilt Patchwork, Country of Origin: America, Circa date: 1920 – The antique Quilts are one of those few things that are just as American as apple pie. This antique American patchwork quilt is a handmade quilt features a colorful and intricate square / diamond patchwork design. It is made of various square fabric scraps sewn together to form this radiating pattern.

This quilt is made from a mixture fabrics and antique textiles of cotton, wool and other materials. The happy vibrant colors used in the quilt are quite bold and exciting. The array of colors include shades of red, blue, green, yellow and many other secondary colors. This exciting antique American quilt dates back to the early part of the 20th century. It is an example of traditional American craftsmanship and serves as a reminder of the creative ingenuity of the past.

The American rugs and textiles are probably some of the very best americana that collectors could get. They are truly remarkable antique folk art pieces and such, they allow us to get a glimpse into the minds of the people, mostly women, we created them.

Another aspect that makes these pieces so facinating are the square cut outs of the fabrics. These little pieces of fabric were taken from old cloths and other fabrics. They were then repurposed and used to create the magnificent antique American quilts that are so captivating and collectible. In essence, these small square pieces of fabric are like tiny pieces of history and allow us to image what designs and colors those people chose to wear.

Quilts are phenomenal examples of textile art. While most people used to use them as decorative bed spreads and wonderful table covers, we are seeing a growing trend where people actually choose to use them as magnificent antique wall hanging artistic tapestries.

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