Antique Soumak Rug 44840

Size: 8 ft x 9 ft (2.44 m x 2.74 m)

This exquisite antique Soumak rug created in the Caucasus features an elegant series of formal medallions flanked by minor elements and small-scale symbols.

Created in the Caucasus, this elegant antique Soumak rug features a sophisticated composition with grand stacked medallions surrounded by minor motifs. The beautifully oxidized crimson field is dotted with constellated symbols and botanical motifs rendered in a timeless triad of stately red, oxidized Persian blue, maize yellow and complementary colors. Each lozenge medallion is decorated with a rich variety of symbols and layers of archetypal motifs. Octagonal medallions decorated with ornamental strapwork borders and central ram’s horn quatrefoils mark the center of each formal medallion. Inset cruciform motifs are carefully outlined and woven into the negative space that makes an incursion into the oxidized Persian blue medallions. Auspicious stars, divided lozenges and ancient protection symbols are discreetly tucked into the lavishly decorated field. Crenellated inner borders provide a protective frame that separates the field from the bracketed zigzagging main borders and Vitruvian-scroll outer borders.

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