Antique Shirvan Caucasian Rug 45156

Size: 3 ft 4 in x 5 ft 4 in (1.02 m x 1.63 m)

Ancient protection symbols rendered in a chic combination of ivory, camel brown and midnight blue decorate the field of this antique Caucasian rug woven in Shirvan.

Antique Shirvan Rug, Caucasus, 1910’s – Serrated leaf and wine cup borders enclose the richly decorated and symbolic field of this antique Caucasian rug. The field is enclosed by a series of decorative borders, including angular vine scrolls resembling running dog motifs, inner borders decorated with a continuous pattern of interconnected amulets, and minor borders featuring a row of Vitruvian scrolls. The amulets embellished with decorative lozenges, which are featured in the inner borders, are one of many protection symbols used to combat the glances of the evil eye. The decorative field features a series of ancient protection symbols that include elibelinde motifs, berekets and serrated stars while scorpion motif spandrels with spiraling tails embellish the corners of the field. Recessed medallions decorated with inset qua trefoils and double ram’s horn motifs dominate the composition of this symbolic rug created in the 1910’s.

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