Antique Shirvan Caucasian Rug 45128

Size: 3 ft x 7 ft 3 in (0.91 m x 2.21 m)

Woven in Shirvan during the late 19th century, this antique carpet features an archetypal representation of one of the region’s most iconic floral patterns.

Antique Shirvan Rug, Caucasus, Late 19th Century – This antique carpet from Shirvan features clear colors and a well-defined latticework pattern that epitomizes the unique style of the Caucasus. This traditional Caucasian rug features an allover latticework pattern decorated with solitary shrubs and branching floral sprays. Goz symbols hold the place between each intersection while serrated edges accented with contrasting outlines add to the visual interest of the formal allover pattern. Scarlet borders decorated with reciprocating vine scrolls support the main borders that feature colorful blossoms formed by a series of individual roundels. Barber pole guard bands and turreted inner borders emphasize the traditional style of this antique rug from Shirvan that was woven in the late 19th century.

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