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Soft Color Decorative Room Size Antique Turkish Oushak Rug #90000 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Soft Color Decorative Room Size Antique Turkish Oushak Rug 90000

Size: 10 ft 1 in x 12 ft 8 in (3.07 m x 3.86 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Beautiful Soft Color Decorative Room Size Antique Turkish Oushak Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Turkish Rugs, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – This spectacular Oushak rug uses a unique color combination in a beautiful tribal design. It has an elegant simplicity and features delicate spring flowers and geometrics to create a remarkable and charming piece.

Oushak is a village located to the south of modern-day Istanbul. It has been a carpet production center since the 16th century and is known for producing high-quality, durable carpets with unique designs and patterns. Carpets from Oushak show a wide range of designs and many variations that show the individual artistic choices and talent of the weavers. The town is located in west-central Anatolia, and many of its designs show Persian influence, even though it was officially a carpet production center of the Ottoman empire. The unique designs that arose from these cultural influences combine the angular, geometric style of Turkish carpets with the sweeping florals and delicate designs of Persian carpets.

This one uses a central medallion, but it is not as prominent as medallions found in Persian carpets. The angular style of the central motif and the precise arrangement of the elements surrounding it shows a Turkish influence and tendency towards geometric designs. The delicateness of the florals offsets the linear elements to create a balance that gives this carpet a unique feel.

Oushak had the historical advantage of access to wools that were soft and durable. This gives Oushak carpets incredible wear resistance and makes them soft and warm to the touch. They are perfectly suitable for higher-traffic areas and will hold up beautifully.

This carpet features soft buttery hues in the background with red and blue accents. This furthers the softness of the design even more and gives it a delicate feel. Perfectly executed symmetry gives it balance and supports its creation by trained, skilled artists. The design of the antique rug has an open and airy feel, giving each element space to be appreciated.

This is a remarkable Turkish rug for its color and delicate feel of its design. It is one of those pieces where color and design come together magically to create a unique piece. It would work well as a feature piece or supporting piece in the room design. It is versatile and could be used to define a space within the room for conversation or the placement of a special piece of furniture. The subdued design and colors of the carpet open many possibilities.

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