Square Antique Ghiordes Turkish Rug 71742

Size: 3 ft 3 in x 3 ft 4 in (0.99 m x 1.02 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Beautiful Square Size Antique Ghiordes Turkish Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa date: 1900Ghiordes rugs originated in a city in Turkey that bears the same name. “Ghiordes” is also the term for a rug knotting technique from that area. This gorgeous tribal antique Turkish rug is a beautiful price for traditional and contemporary room styles. It was created around the turn of the 20th century and is an excellent example of work from this area. It uses earthy colors and will bring a warm and cozy feel to the room.

The Ghiordes and antique Turkish Oushak rugs, are known for their tribal charm and rich colors. This one features a palette of browns and reds that blend in a way that is harmonious and balanced. Ghiordes carpets are highly prized for their village character and the spontaneity of the designs.

Ghiordes is located in an area of western Turkey that was once in Anatolia. The area rugs from the region have many of the characteristics of the iconic Anatolian rugs in their traditional tribal motifs. The motifs are angular with a stepped design and a primitive feel. This one lacks the symmetry and precision that you usually find in fine rugs that were created as part of city carpet productions. The larger scale of the design motifs, in comparison to the overall size of the rug, is characteristic of antique Turkish rugs. They tend to make the space appear larger and more open.

One thing that makes these spectacular antique rugs stand out is their durability. The climate in the area promotes the production of strong, durable wool. The Ghiordes knot, also known as the symmetrical knot, wraps around two warp threads, creating a strong weave.

The design of this tribal rug is spontaneous and reflects the rich cultural heritage of the weaver in the motifs, traditional colors, and techniques that were used to create it. This is a smaller and square shape rug that could be used as an accent in a Boho Chic or traditional room design. It is also small enough to be hung on a wall as a tapestry rug for a charming piece of artwork. This Turkish Ghiordes rug has a tribal feel that will bring a sense of mystery and elegance to any room of the home.

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