Splendid Antique Turkish Konya Rug 71232

Size: 6 ft x 9 ft 3 in (1.83 m x 2.82 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Konya Rugs

Splendid Antique Turkish Konya Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rugs, Circa date: 1880 – The antique Turkish Konya rugs are those pieces that were woven in Konya – a province in Southwest-central Anatolia. It is located on the Anatolian Plateau in an area that has been inhabited by many cultures since the third millennium BCE. These various inhabitants have left their mark on the artwork as well as the magnificent designs that make antique Turkish rugs so desirable. What emerged were unique rug design patterns that are different from many other antique rugs in the region.

The antique Konya rugs are known for their brilliant rug colors and complex, geometric designs that make a beautiful addition to many contemporary décor styles. One of the ways designers are using colorful rugs, such as this one, is to add color to solid neutral furniture and contemporary décor. The tribal character of the Turkish rug also makes it perfect for a Boho Chic design.

One of the features people love about the antique Tribal rugs form Konya is that they do not show the planning and precision of rugs produced in larger cities. Each one is a unique reflection of the traditions handed down to the weaver through many generations. This one appears to be a spontaneous creation that seems to evolve organically along the length of the Konya rug.

The rug weaver even inserted an extra row of motifs on one end of the rug that does not appear on the other end. You will notice that the colors in the motifs on the end borders do not match. This gives the antique area rug an organic quality and connects it to the people and culture of the region. One of the reasons why these rugs are popular is because of this unique cultural connection and for their beautiful colors and designs.

This tribal antique Turkish Konya rug would be perfect for giving a traditional or formal room a more casual feel or for adding color to a room of solid color contemporary furniture. It would also make an excellent addition to a Home Office or creative space. Regardless of where you decide to use it, it is a unique piece that will bring character to any room of the home.

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