Grand Antique Turkish Konya Rug 71153 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Antique Turkish Konya Rug 71153

Size: 5 ft 5 in x 6 ft 8 in (1.65 m x 2.03 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Konya Rugs

Grand Antique Turkish Konya Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rug, Circa date: 1900 – The beautiful colors of this gorgeous tribal rug will brighten any space. Konya is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Turkey and has been a central market collection point for many antique Turkish area rugs of the smaller villages surrounding the region. This is a beautiful smaller tribal rug that was created around the turn of the 20th century.

Konya has changed rule many times throughout its long history. It was once a Khanate of Persia, and in 1806, it became a part of the Russian Empire. These diverse cultural influences are the foundation for rugs with diverse motifs and bold color patterns.

This Caucasian Moghan design rug shows traditional tribal motifs and the octagonal “ghules” pattern found throughout primitive antique Turkish Konya rugs. The feature that catches your attention most about this antique area rug is its beautiful color palette. Its pinks, mauves, reds, blues, beige, and cream make it the perfect addition to any modern decor. The colors are bold, but they are also soft and well-blended.

The muted hues of this Konya rug add a touch of color to a neutral space, or you could use it in a room with other light blues or beige. It will bring color to a solid neutral palette and add a touch of tribal charm. The angular shapes blend well with other geometric patterns throughout the space.

You could easily add a few tribal pillows to the sofa or natural elements that carry the theme of the Konya rug throughout the design. This would make a gorgeous rug in front of a sofa or for the center of a conversation area. In a dining room, it would make the perfect piece for under a glass top table or any room that features angular elements and accents made from natural materials. Any way you look at it, this piece is the perfect touch for creating a room that is colorful and modern.

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