Light Green Color Antique Spanish Carpet 2929


Size: 8 ft 3 in x 12 ft 2 in (2.51 m x 3.71 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

This rare and outstanding example preserves the design of the earliest antique Spanish carpets.

Light Green Color Background Beautiful Antique Spanish Room Size Carpet, Origin Of This Area Rug: Spain, Circa / Rug’s Weaving Date: Turn Of The 20th Century (Around 1900) – The production of antique Spanish carpets in Europe first began, in Spain, under Moorish rule in the fourteenth century, and it has continued unbroken up to the present. But while most antique rugs from Spain, from the Renaissance onward, evolved in a distinctive yet European idiom, this rare and outstanding example preserves the design of the earliest Spanish carpets, with rows of geometric medallions connected ornamental tracery. The interlacing “Kufic” border is strikingly authentic and beautiful. But the soft saffron and apricot coloration makes the carpet eminently well suited to contemporary decor.

The light green colors of this antique rug are extremely soft and warm. The combination of these subtle but warmer color tones with the ghosty decorative elements of the design, almost give the antique Spanish room size area rug a summery and old world feel. The main colors present in this beautiful antique Spanish rug are the shades of soft greens and faded rusts. The use of the more limited color palette give it an authentically historic and romantic feel.

The geometric design of this room size rug is extremely elegant and features delicately woven geometric elements. The field of the antique Spanish rug utilizes a warm green ground and features different architectural inspired designs. The field design of this magnificent rug from Spain is an all over pattern, and it repeats throughout this entire rug. The border features a ground of the green color that is present throughout the European rug, framing the center field nicely and creating a dynamic look due to the complimentary colors. The Kufic design elements in the border of this beautiful room size rug are more reminiscent of a Moorish type pattern, and contrast nicely with the orange of the ground. Within this border, there are also some geometric style elements.

This is a magnificent example that is sure to warm up even the coldest of interior designs.

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