Decorative Antique Chinese Design Rug 2139


Size: 13 ft 10 in x 15 ft 11 in (4.22 m x 4.85 m)
Origin: China

Delicate, transparent medallions and cornerpieces float elegantly on the field of this lovely antique Chinese rug.

Beautiful and Quite Decorative Antique Chinese Design Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – This majestic and absolutely grand antique Oriental rug — a fabulous Chinese style piece originally hand made by master rug makers in China some time during the early years of the twentieth century — is a beautiful work of art to behold that speaks volumes to the artistic ability and rich cultural heritage of the artisans responsible for its creation. Delicate, transparent medallions and corner-pieces in mid blue float elegantly on the open tan field of this lovely antique Chinese rug. The understated borders, one in fretwork and the other with vines, provide a finely worked frame that picks up the transparent graphics and openness of the field. All in all, this is a wonderful piece that would bring an unparalleled level of culture, elegance and sophistication to any home that it might grace.

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