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Antique Khorassan Persian Rug 44624 Nazmiyal
animal motif antique persian khorassan rug 44624 pile Nazmiyal
animal motif antique persian khorassan rug 44624 weave Nazmiyal
animal motif antique persian khorassan rug 44624 whole Nazmiyal
animal motif antique persian khorassan rug 44624 border Nazmiyal
animal motif antique persian khorassan rug 44624 detail Nazmiyal
animal motif antique persian khorassan rug 44624 field Nazmiyal
animal motif antique persian khorassan rug 44624 medallion Nazmiyal

Animal Motif Antique Persian Khorassan Rug 44624

Size: 12 ft 10 in x 17 ft 5 in (3.91 m x 5.31 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Representing the imperial elegance of Persian city carpets, this outstanding pictorial rug features an exquisite combination of floral details and stylized animals that are framed by narrow guard-bands and multiple sets of borders. Classic turtle and vine-scroll borders decorated with poly-chromatic saz leaf motifs and crimson turtles frame the field along with secondary boteh-motif borders flanked by narrow guard-bands. Horses, camels, elephants, leopards, dragons, fish, hares and peacocks with ornate tail feathers decorate the field, including animals rooted in mythology and reality. The hunting scene continues in the burgundy spandrels although the central medallion with extended pendants and ogival cartouches features Herati-leaf patterns, floral arabesques and exclusively botanical designs.

Antique Animal Motif Persian Khorassan Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Mid 19th Century – A menagerie dances and prances across this unique animal design antique Persian Khorassan carpet. The fun and whimsical animal rug design has all of the formal features that one would expect from fine traditional antique Persian carpets, including a center medallion, pendants, formal corners, and complex borders. The rich browns and reds create a sumptuous, natural feel in earthy tones. However, it is the background of the field that makes this treasure stand out.

The background of the field does homage to the animal kingdom, and the role of both domestic and wild animals in the lives of human kind. Elephants, horses, leopards, squirrels, fish, birds, deer, camels, dogs and rabbits are among the members of he animal kingdom that are represented. Perhaps one of the most fascinating features is that they are featured in scenes. For instance this beautiful antique rug features a rabbit that is being devoured in the corner, while a baby suckles from its mother. The horses, elephants, and camels are adorned with the accoutrements necessary for their service to man. The artist tells the story of the animals in a way that brings them to life.

Not all of the animals in this fascinating antique Oriental rug are a part of the world that we know. One can also find dragons, the phoenix, and other animals of legend and lore in the scene. The artist did not render the animal to proper scale, which gives the scene a whimsical character. It also creates the sense that none of the animals are dominant over the others. They are all given similar weight and importance in the design.

This splendid animal motif antique Persian Khorassan rug has many unique design features that make it stand out, aside from the members of the animal kingdom. For instance, the rug features wide, complex borders that give the impression of a formal frame. The colors of the border blend in such a way as to emphasize the darker background of the field and the animals. This is a unique find and a real treasure in the world of handmade, classic traditional carpets.

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