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Blue Vase Design Antique Persian Tabriz Room Size Rug #90034 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Blue Vase Design Antique Persian Tabriz Room Size Rug 90034

Size: 10 ft 9 in x 14 ft 8 in (3.28 m x 4.47 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Captivating Blue Background Vase Design Antique Persian Tabriz Room Size Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1890 – This rich, warm antique Tabriz carpet was produced in the 1890’s at an important time in carpet history. The carpet was produced at a time when the traditional carpet weaving industry in Persia was undergoing a change to meet the demands of a hungry western market. This beautiful carpet uses a traditional design but also has several elements that provide clues that it was created to suit the tastes of wealthy European and American buyers.

The design uses traditional motifs and designs that are found throughout the traditional carpets created in Tabriz. However, they are carried out on a large scale and in a more geometric fashion than when typically finds in traditional Tabriz carpets. This Persian vase design rug has a distinctively Victorian feel in both its color and design choices.

During the time when this carpet was produced, Oriental carpets were a favorite in formal Victorian style. Throughout this carpet, you will find traditional motifs such as the lotus flower, peony flower hyacinth, and other traditional designs, but the overall design layout itself has a distinctively geometric form. It uses a nontraditional treatment of classic Persian motifs.

The design does have formal symmetry both horizontally and vertically, which gives it a traditional, balanced design. In addition, the artist distributed the light browns, reds, and blues in a way that add to the balanced feel of the carpet. The design has a central motif, but it is formed by a repeat of the design in the lower half of the carpet, rather than a medallion that you would expect in a traditional Tabriz design.

The two halves of the Persian carpet mirror each other on the top and bottom, but not in the vertical plane. This helps draw attention to the overall length of the carpet and makes it appear longer. This makes it more suitable for a larger space. This is a beautiful, traditional carpet with a formal design.

It is a beautiful antique rug with rich, warm colors that would be the perfect complement to a traditional room where it would add a touch of elegance. However, this carpet would also make the perfect layer for a Boho chic design with a tribal flavor. In a modern design, this piece could add an element of interest, without adding colors or designs that are overpowering in the room. It is an interesting piece from a historical perspective, and it is a beautiful addition to any home or office.

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