Blue Antique Room Size Persian Vase Design Tabriz Rug 47064


Size: 9 ft 6 in x 12 ft (2.9 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Intricate, elegant and richly colored, this glorious antique Tabriz rug epitomizes the extreme beauty and sophistication of Persian and Safavid design traditions.

A Beautiful Blue Color Background Antique Room Size Persian Vase Design Tabriz Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1920 РThis arresting antique Persian rug from the legendary carpet looms of Tabriz is an exemplary work of art that represents technical prowess and the height of Safavid-influenced designs, all in a monumental, highly coveted palace-sized format. Flaming Shah Abbasi palmettes, polychrome saz leaves and dimensional vine-scrolls leap off of the saturated midnight blue ground. This brilliant juxtaposition of contrasting colors and fine white outlines give each grand palmette and dainty floret a luminous, hyper-stylized presence. Spiraling vine-scrolls effortlessly circle the grand Shah Abbasi palmettes and support a multitude of heavy floral decorations that are carefully colored, outlined and shaded. The impressive terra-cotta main borders are superbly detailed and display an equally gorgeous array of classical colors and superfluous Safavid-influenced designs that are balanced, perfectly formed and set the standard of elegance.

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