Fine Antique Persian Tabriz Area Rug 46383

Size: 11 ft x 18 ft 4 in (3.35 m x 5.59 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This exceptional antique Persian rug from Tabriz features an extraordinary medallion composition surrounded by lavish motifs that feature a rainbow array of colors.

Finely Woven Antique Persian Tabriz Area Rug, Persia, Early 20th CenturyTabriz is a city that once created the masterpieces that graced the palaces and estates of the Safavid Dynasty, and this extraordinary piece is certainly befitting of such an honor. Although we do not know the name of the weaver who designed this piece and oversaw every knot, we do know that they were a master of exceptional talent. This breathtaking piece shows the skill that made the Tabriz weavers famous.

This rug was created around the turn of the 20th century and still displays its saturated, vibrant colors as clearly as the day it was created. It is in extraordinary condition and has the fine detail that only a master of the craft can achieve. A magnificent display of plant life and birds rendered in fine detail fills every inch of this carpet.

It is a medallion rug that was created with perfect symmetry and skilled hands. An abundance of traditional Persian motifs and designs are found throughout the work. You can see the boteh, or eternal flame, peony, Shah Abbasi palmette, tulips, and a spectacular display of bird life. This rug has a theme surrounding the brilliance and fruits of summer. It is full of life and energy. Its colorful display includes almost any hue that you could image, showing the skill of the dye-works, too.

A rug of this fine quality and size is exceptionally rare. It is a masterpiece in every way. Some pieces have colors and a design that seems to come together in a way that has a sublime quality, and this is one of those special pieces.

This rug would make an excellent addition to a fine collection or formal space. Its brilliant colors will brighten the room, adding its energetic and optimistic feel. It could easily fit into a traditional space or create a unique look in a contemporary space. Persian rugs are finding their way into many contemporary styles. The bright colors are a bit Boho chic, too. Regardless of where you choose to place this awe-inspiring piece, it will create a look of sophistication and elegance.

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