Antique Navy Background Tabriz Persian Vase Design Rug 51061


Size: 8 ft 11 in x 12 ft 2 in (2.72 m x 3.71 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Vine Breathtaking Antique Vase Design Navy Background Tabriz Persian Rug 51061, Country / Origin: Persia, Date woven: Early 20th Century – This stunning antique Tabriz has a design that was adapted from classical and iconic antique Persian Kerman Vase Carpets. Richly detailed palmettes and arabesque vine scrolls undulate in allover symmetry across the grey blue ground.

While the vase design is one of the older patters that we see in antique rugs, the colors featured in this antique vase design Persian Tabriz rug are for more modern and contemporary. The overall rug style and design is almost perfectly symmetrical. This meticulous approach to making sure that every last aspect of the Persian rug is perfectly mirrored, is inline with the fine Persian city rug productions. It goes without saying that the people who woven this rug, put such an emphasis and making sure everything was perfectly laid out before a single stitch was knotted.

A magnificent light colored border with light blue highlights encompasses the entire room size rug. This wider and lighter border color, give this antique carpet a far more decorative and subtly elegant look and feel.

The rich happy blue background of the field, provides the perfect backdrop. This allows for the lighter colored large scale palmetts to juxtapose and beautifully pop against the darker shade of the background color. Each of the palmettes, in this beautiful antique rug, is artfully ornate and carefully stitched, making use of multiple colors to create a distinct look. Combining clear colors over a dark background for a wonderful contrast that brims with vibrancy, and allows you to see the floral designs with clarity. The elegant design style and complex array of branches that cleverly connect the flowers with other designs, gives the antique vase design Persian Tabriz rug a regal and naturalistic style.

Sumptuous floral motifs decorate the entire rug, carefully weaving every branch and petal, creating an elegant theme. The hint of light purple or mauve color is truly remarkable. It is a magnificent color that, unfortunately, we just do not see that often in Persian rugs. The neutral aspect of the overall colors make it an extremely versatile rug that can effortlessly work itself into almost any interior design.

Regardless of where and how you chose to display this magnificent room size antique vase design Persian Tabriz rug , is the kind of magnificently decorative rug that will make everything around it look better.

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