Antique Northwest Persian Runner Rug 70352


Size: 3 ft 3 in x 11 ft 2 in (0.99 m x 3.4 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Antique Northwest Persian Runner Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 18th Century – This magnificent 18th century tribal rug from Northwest Persia has a vibrant personality that is a result of its beautiful colors and bold tribal designs. The first characteristic that draws your attention to this piece is its use of color. It uses contrasts that might seem unusual to the modern eye, but that reflects the tastes of centuries-old traditions.

The medium brown has an earthy feel that supports the natural feeling created by an abundance of large, floral motifs. The reds, blues, and yellows stand out and add a refreshing pop of color. This piece gives us several clues that it was created in the smaller villages, rather than in the carpet weaving cities, such as Tabriz.

The first clue is its use of color. Many of the designs and colors used in the formal city carpets followed a certain format. This one does not adhere to these “rules” and has a freer sense of both color and design. The rug has tribal motifs that are meant to convey a meaning to the one who can decipher them. The designs themselves are larger scale than you find in many city carpets.

The final clue that this is a tribal carpet is that the design is not precisely laid out from end to end. It is apparent that the weaver created the design as a form of artistic expression, adding motifs at her whim. The carpet has repeating motifs, but they are not executed with precision. This contributes to the hand-crafted feel of this artisan piece. The folk art style of this carpet and the beautiful colors are what make this a spectacular rug. It has a formal character and would make an excellent addition to any historical collection.

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