Antique Persian Silk Kashan Rug 47263

Size: 4 ft 6 in x 6 ft 8 in (1.37 m x 2.03 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Souf Rugs

This dazzling antique Kashan rug epitomizes the Souf moniker with its vibrant hues, opulent designs and exceptional dimensionality provided by the luminous fibers.

Antique Persian Silk Kashan Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: Turn of the 20th Century – Glamorous and inherently luxurious, this spectacular antique rug redoubles the extreme beauty of Kashan’s elegant curvilinear designs. The richly decorated custard yellow field is adorned with a marvelous octofoil medallion, boldly colored spandrels and a host of polychromatic vine-scrolls. Rainbow-colored palmettes and tonal saz leaves are suspended on spiraling vines that have a hyper-stylized appearance and intense dimensionality. Luminous jewel tones ranging from opalescent ivory to blushing cerise and dark sapphire give the ornate designs an aura of elegance. The spectacular medallion is accompanied by aqueous blue-green borders adorned with reciprocating palmettes and a lush forest of superfluous vinescrolls and feathery leaflets. From the intense colors to the nuanced shading and opulent decorations, this lavish Persian rug is an exemplary representation of the sought-after Souf¬† rug sub-type.

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