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Horse Covers

View Our Collection of Rare and Beautiful Antique Horse Covers and Saddle Blankets

Antique Horse Covers and Saddle Blankets have been woven by peoples from all across the world for centuries. Important items that were simultaneously beautifully woven and utilitarian, these unique creations are a fascinating legacy of mankind’s historical dependency on horses. Because of the inherent importance and value of horses in previous centuries, especially to tribal and agrarian societies, such animals were closely looked after and tended to by their owners. Artisanal horse covers, composed by master weavers, were one way of displaying one’s status, as well as demonstrating the importance of one’s relationship with his horse.

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Traditionally, these special horse covers will feature culturally significant symbols and motifs, giving them the added functionality of an identifying banner. At the Nazmiyal Collection, we are proud to offer an exciting array of these traditional horse covers, from cultures as far afield as Persia and China.

Impeccably woven and consisting of fine materials, these exemplary compositions are uniquely beautiful – and uniquely culturally important examples. Fascinating even without the context of a horse or the social milieu that gave rise to these remarkable pieces, antique horse covers boast an intriguing and unique variety of shapes, the eccentricities of which, especially compared to traditional, rectangular antique rugs, are stimulating. A unique class of antique weave steeped with social and cultural tradition, antique horse covers offer fascinating insight into the societies responsible for them.

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View our current selection of antique horse covers and saddle blankets below:

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