Antique Khotan Rug 46826


Size: 8 ft 5 in x 12 ft (2.57 m x 3.66 m)

Drawn in a strong Kazak-influenced style, this extraordinary antique Khotan carpet features a stunning allover repeating pattern enclosed by lavish blossom borders.

Antique Khotan Rug, Origin: East Turkestan, Circa: 1920 – This superb antique carpet from the celebrated weaving city of Khotan, East Turkestan, is an extraordinary example of Turko-Caucasian designs that capture the great diversity of this cultural crossroads. Veering away from Chinese-influenced designs seen in Khotan and Samarkand, this distinctive piece features a novel rendition of age-old designs and traditional weaving patterns used in distant times and by far-away cultures. The dazzling vermillion field is adorned with an endless pattern of repeating palmettes and vines that take on an avian appearance. The cross of cultural branches is evidenced strongly in the exquisite borders and guardbands that surround the field of this antique rug. Archetypal crab borders with central blossoms and extended florets create a dramatic effect when paired with the floral inner borders, angular blossom motifs and barber pole guardbands that complement the striking all-red ground.

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