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Antique Chinese Rank Badge 46119 Detail/Large View

Antique Chinese Rank Badge 46119


Size: 1 ft x 1 ft (0.3 m x 0.3 m)
Origin: China

Lavishly decorated, this pair of elegant antique Chinese rank badges showcases shimmering silver pheasants surrounded by a selection of traditional symbols.

Antique Chinese Rank Badge, Origin: China – This spectacular pair of antique Chinese rank badges depicts beautifully detailed silver pheasants, which are the traditional bird used to represent civil officials and the wives of officials who have attained the fifth-rank distinction. The right-facing birds of this antique Chinese rank badge are set over a series of polychromatic seawaves and diagonal lishui stripes that are rendered in a lively combination of muted mauve, celadon green and ivory. Dramatic cobalt blue clouds with ruyi-shaped spirals and billowing contours embellish the obsidian-black background. Shou symbols, bian fu bats and auspicious wan motifs executed in gilded floss decorate the ornate cloud-covered background. Lavish borders featuring gilded ruyi-shaped motifs, fretwork details and scrolling vines complete the ornate composition of this (fifth-rank) antique Chinese rank badge or buzi.

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