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Antique Zakatala Rugs

– Produced in the South Caucasus, antique Zakatala area rugs and carpets are some of the rarest and most collectible village weaving from this illustrious rug-producing region. Zakatalas have the same graphic coloration, bold, rough and ready drawing, and monumental scale that make Kazaks and early Turkish village rugs so desirable to collectors and admirers of antique rugs. Stylistically, Zakatala rugs seem to have connections with the rugs from a number of different areas of the Caucasus. As a result, the designs of these intriguing tribal carpets are quite varied; some have medallions, others have allover designs, and still others are somewhere in between.

But whatever the design, their approach to form and color is always unmistakable. And like Kazaks, the antique Caucasian Zakatala rugs make wonderful decorative floor coverings. Among the more celebrated of antique Oriental rug styles, the carpets of the Caucasus are renowned for their authentic tribal aesthetics, and the rich sense of cultural verisimilitude woven into their very fibers. Caucasian rugs are unique and widely admired. Antique Zakatala rugs and carpets are prefect example of this tendency, as they tend to showcase the most important qualities and characteristics of the finest Caucasian examples.

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View All Antique Caucasian Rugs

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