Large Antique Amritsar Indian Rug 50721


Size: 15 ft 8 in x 17 ft 4 in (4.78 m x 5.28 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Breathtaking Large Antique Amristar Indian Rug 50721, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Indian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – This antique Indian Amritsar rug has its origins in India and was made around 1900. This large size rug features an intricate allover design in the central field and stunning patterns within the border.

The most eye catching thing about this rug is the level of delicacy and intricacy within the fine details. Every aspect of the design within the field of this large antique Amritsar Indian rug has very small details that bring the Oriental rug to life as a true work of art. The color palette adds to this in a beautiful way, creating contrast between reddish tones, soft camel browns, and lighter ivories. Some of these design elements are nature and floral inspired, and some are more geometric in nature, creating a delicate balance between organic elements and geometric designs.

The wide border allows for a lot of patterning within it, and the patterns are highlighted exquisitely by thinner border stripes along both sides. The darker edges of these stripes add an eye catching design element that helps to draw the eye along the edge of this antique rug in an exciting way. The widest stripe within the border is the central area, and it stands out among the thinner outer stripes. The repeating pattern and delicate floral elements within this wide border area create a beautiful frame for this stunning large antique Amristar Indian rug .

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