Rare Antique Silk Indian Agra Rug 47596

Size: 5 ft 9 in x 6 ft (1.75 m x 1.83 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Rare Antique Silk Indian Agra Rug, Origin: India, Circa: Late 19th Century – Here is an absolutely remarkable antique Oriental rug – an antique Agra, woven with silk by the esteemed rug-makers of Northern India. This extraordinary piece, with its breathtaking patina, is an exemplary composition, typifying the unique beauty taken on only by authentic, genuinely aged antique rugs. The composition of this striking Agra is appealingly straightforward, albeit with some charming surprises. Primarily, this rug is presented as a classical central-medallion composition, riddled with fine details that are arranged around the medallion in a symmetrical, radiating manner. These details evoke the sort of abstract detail work that typifies older and more tribal rugs, but they are presented in such a manner here that they are more than at home in this more classically structured work, which, in addition to its traditional medallion, also features other popular classical elements, including large, elegant corner pieces, and a richly detailed border that incorporates colors and design elements from the remainder of the piece. Remarkably beautiful throughout, this antique Indian Agra silk rug is a truly exceptional piece, from its threading, to its composition, to its pallet, to its inimitable patina.

The rich jewel tone colors and royal purples of this rare antique silk rug from Agra in India, showcase the quality and design of the great master rug weavers of Agra . Agra was an important Indian rug weaving center that produced silk works of exquisite quality and design. This is an excellent example of the work produced in the area in the late 19th century.

Silk threads were used in the production of fine quality antique rugs because of its ability to be spun into fine threads that allow for a high level of detail in the work. Silk is also quite durable and has a sheen that gives the rugs and carpets an ethereal and luminous visual quality that remains throughout many decades, as one can see with this jaw dropping and rare antique silk Indian Agra rug .

The highly collectible rug is based on a central medallion with corners and a formal border. It has both vertical and horizontal symmetry that draws attention to the focal point of the design in the center of the rug from India. Stylized floral elements, leaves, and ancient symbols can be seen throughout the field of the antique silk Agra rug.

This example highlights the mastery of the weavers of Agra and the skill that allowed these pieces to become important works for collectors. It is an excellent and breathtaking antique silk rug that brings together a color combination that adds interest to a traditional or modern interior design. This antique square shape rug is versatile and would be a beautiful addition to a home or office interior design that features classic and traditional pieces. This is the kind of antique rug that will become an instant treasured familial heirloom piece for future generations to enjoy and marvel over for decades to come.

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