Rare Antique Art Nouveau American Hooked Rug 47491


Size: 5 ft 7 in x 8 ft (1.7 m x 2.44 m)

This beautiful and exciting American hooked rug is an exemplary Art Nouveau composition, featuring swirling tendrils and stylized floral arrangements throughout.

Antique Art Nouveau American Hooked Rug, United States, c. 1920 -This marvelous antique hooked rug, an exceptional piece produced in the United States during the early decades of the twentieth century, features an allover design of stylized flowers and tendrils Рan almost hypnotic composition.Featuring an eye-catching color palette of reds, greens, and blues, this exquisite hooked rug typifies the aesthetic values held in highest regard by the Art Nouveau movement. Creating an impression of activity and liveliness, the fine design of this rug exemplifies the vigor and vitality of the best Art Nouveau compositions. The dynamic energy of the swirling tendrils of alternating greens and violets set against the mesmerizing, staid red that dominates the piece creates an impression of movement. Boasting a fetching symmetry, this beautiful antique rug shows four stunning corners, pointedly defined by highly stylized vases, each of which houses a gorgeous arrangement of red flowers. Exquisite detail and dynamic energy reverberate throughout this remarkable antique Art Nouveau carpet, demonstrating the aesthetic heights of that important art movement of the early twentieth century.

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