Floral Antique American Hooked Runner Rug 2694


Size: 3 ft 11 in x 9 ft 1 in (1.19 m x 2.77 m)

The ornamental the detail of this extraordinary antique American hooked rug is exceptionally life-like or realistic.

Beautiful Light Background Color and Floral Design Antique American Hooked Rug, Country Of Origin: America, Circa Date: Turn Of The 20th century / 1900 – This beautiful and highly ornamental antique rug from America, made sometime around the turn of the twentieth century, is a stunning piece that — while remarkable for any number of reasons — is perhaps most noteworthy for its exceptionally life-like illustration, which is especially realistic. Deeply beautiful, sinuous honeysuckle vines with additional carnations and grape leaves interlace across the breath-taking, long field of this rug, with the entire scene lovingly enclosed by a whimsical, ornamental beanstalk border. The coloration throughout this piece helps to lend it some of its tremendous life-likeness, appearing particularly nicely against the warm rosy tan ground. Antique American Hooked rugs are prized for the rustic, homespun charm of their drawing and subject matter, but, because of its attention to detail and stunning composition, this particular Antique American Hooked rug possesses an incomparable level of sophistication.

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