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Antique Yazd Rugs – The world of antique Oriental rugs and Persian rugs is incredibly vast. Over the centuries, countries in the East from Turkey to China have each developed their own unique methods for weaving rugs and carpets, as well as their own distinctive styles. Indeed, rug making is such an important cultural and traditional practice in certain countries that the specific regions within those countries each developed their own styles. The best such example of this is certainly Persia, from where a great preponderance of the finest antique carpets emerge.

Antique rugs from Persia are almost always referred to by the region where they were woven. “Yazd rugs” are one such example. Halfway between Isfahan and Kerman — both very important rug weaving centers — it is hardly surprising that Yazd became heir to the great tradition of classical Persian rug and area carpet weaving. Antique Persian Yazd rugs and carpets represent some of the very finest Persian rugs, and are prized for their refined beauty and impeccable craftsmanship.

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