Antique Persian Tabriz Rug 46745

Size: 13 ft 5 in x 19 ft 8 in (4.09 m x 5.99 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Intense jewel-tone colors and superlative floral motifs adorn this regal Persian medallion carpet from Tabriz, a city known for its master weavers and masterpieces.

Tabriz Rug, Persia, Mid 20th Century – This awe-inspiring medallion Persian rug from Tabriz showcases an extraordinary range of colors and patterns that meld historical Safavid influences with novel details. Filamentous arabesques that are alive with arching botehs, poly chromatic palmettes and dramatically stylized birds scroll across the terracotta field and wind around the radiant lobed centerpiece. Striking border-like elements, including turtle-shaped palmettes floating on stratified islands, fringe the field and overlap the ornamental spandrels. The lavish botanical decorations that adorn the field are redoubled in the impeccably drawn main borders. Fully detailed quatrefoil variants that are surrounded by a dense mesh of flowery vines and spiraling bifurcated calyces exemplify the decadent curvilinear style of this stunning Persian medallion carpet.

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