Antique Persian Kurdish Runner 47034

Size: 2 ft x 10 ft (0.61 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Remarkably refined and sophisticated, this antique Kurdish runner depicts a delicate allover repeating pattern with charming color variations and tribal details.

Kurdish Rug, Persia, Early 20th Century – This extraordinary antique Kurdish runner has a sophisticated visage that blends tribal traditions with the group’s unique ability to assimilate patterns from other areas. Crafted during a golden age of carpet production, this marvelous Kurdish runner displays exquisite colors, refined patterns and subtle tribal details. Colorful cartouches and fragile floral ornaments that have ram’s horn features create a refined allover repeating pattern with pronounced latticework lines. The Kurdish preference for small-scale ornamentation and creative variations is highlighted beautifully in the marvelous mosaic-like pattern. The chic colors and natural fleecy white ground are juxtaposed against prized emerald borders. Poly chromatic lozenge clusters adorn the narrow, well-proportioned borders along with arborescent elibelinde motifs. These creative variations point out the subtle details and quirky inscriptions that give this rustic carpet its warm, handcrafted and uniquely Kurdish appearance.

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