Antique Persian Farahan Sarouk Rug 46188

Size: 1 ft 9 in x 2 ft 5 in (0.53 m x 0.74 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautifully colored and composed, this antique Persian rug from the Farahan-Sarouk area depicts an outstanding arabesque with supple vine scrolls and dainty florals.

Sarouk Rugs, Persia, Early 20th Century – This magnificent antique Persian rug features a stunning large-scale arabesque with supple vine scrolls and delicate blossoms that encapsulate the elegant style and fluidity of regional Farahan Sarouk rugs. The warm camel colored field features a tonal abrash that glows with a warm luminosity and highlights the richly colored botanical motifs that punctuate the monochromatic background. Copper colored cypress trees decorated with elegant floral sprays create symmetric pillars that add a sense of movement to the composition. Graceful vine scrolls adorned with dainty small scale floral gently support the minimalist medallion. This artful antique Farahan Sarouk rug from Persia depicts a rich assortment of jewel tones that are coupled with spectacular details, including filamentous outlines that gracefully accent each fluid botanical motif while highlighting the sophisticated style that regional carpets represent.

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