Antique Oushak Rug 45560

Size: 6 ft 6 in x 8 ft 9 in (1.98 m x 2.67 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Asterisk motifs, disguised goz symbols and detailed flowers decorate the meandering branches of the sole Tree of Life motif that covers this antique Oushak rug.

Antique Oushak Rug, Turkey, Circa 1900 – Equally festive and reserved, this charming antique Turkish rug from Oushak is decorated with an exemplary Tree of Life motif featuring decorative branches covered with delicate floral emblems, angular botehs and irregular stars that exemplify the essence of Oushak. Vibrant canary yellow details, white branches and complementary accent colors set over a subdued papyrus-colored field create a phenomenal combination. Contrasting outlines rendered in mustard yellow, burgundy and clear white highlight the edges of each decorative petal, angular leaflet, ornate boteh motif and the decorative vase where the branches emerge. Created in Turkey’s famed Oushak region, this spectacular Tree of Life rug features one of the most iconic carpet weaving motifs, which is enhanced further by angular leaves, star-shaped flowers and irregular blossoms that capture the unique style of Oushak.

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