Antique Joshegan Persian Rug 43545

Size: 9 ft 9 in x 13 ft 1 in (2.97 m x 3.99 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Featuring a sophisticated floral pattern set over a saturated red field, this carpet is a stunning example of Joshegan’s traditional designs.

Introducing our exquisite Antique Persian Joshegan Rug, a timeless masterpiece hailing from the esteemed weaving traditions of Persia and dating back to the vibrant era of the 1920s. This exceptional rug showcases the unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic finesse of Joshegan weavers, boasting a traditional floral pattern set against a rich, saturated red field that exudes warmth and opulence.

At the heart of this rug lies a symphony of precise floral tiles, each meticulously woven with intricate details and branching flowers that dance across the surface, creating an all-over pattern that mesmerizes the eye and delights the soul. The minimalist quatrefoil medallion serves as the focal point, anchoring the design with elegance and grace while allowing the surrounding floral motifs to flourish and bloom in their full splendor.

Double sets of guard bands and dark borders frame the central field with sophistication and refinement, adorned with ornate palmettes and a reciprocating dog leg pattern that adds depth and dimension to the composition. Every element, from the intricate floral motifs to the ornate borders, reflects the rich cultural heritage and artistic expression of the Joshegan weavers, whose skill and dedication have brought this masterpiece to life.

Decorating with an Antique Persian Joshegan Rug offers endless possibilities to infuse your home with timeless elegance and charm. H

ere are some tips to enhance your decor with this exquisite Joshegan rug:

  • Classic Elegance: Embrace the timeless allure of Persian design by pairing the Joshegan rug with classic furniture pieces such as ornate sofas, antique coffee tables, and elegant chandeliers. Let the rug serve as the focal point of the room, anchoring the space with its rich colors and intricate patterns.
  • Bohemian Chic: For a more eclectic look, layer the Joshegan rug with other textiles such as kilims, dhurries, and Moroccan rugs. Add a mix of vibrant throw pillows, eclectic artwork, and potted plants to create a bohemian-inspired oasis that exudes warmth and character.
  • Traditional Sophistication: Contrary to its traditional roots, the Joshegan rug can also lend itself beautifully to modern interiors. Pair it with sleek, minimalist furniture and contemporary decor accents for a chic juxtaposition of old and new.

The history of Antique Persian Joshegan Rugs is as rich and vibrant as the rugs themselves. Originating from the Joshegan region in central Persia, these rugs were traditionally handwoven by skilled artisans using techniques passed down through generations. Each rug was a labor of love, representing not just a functional item but a work of art imbued with cultural significance and symbolism.

As symbols of heritage, craftsmanship, and artistic expression, Antique Persian Joshegan Rugs continue to captivate admirers around the world with their timeless allure and unparalleled beauty. Whether displayed on the floor or hung on the wall as a piece of art, these rugs serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of Persian weaving traditions, weaving a thread of history and tradition into the fabric of our homes.

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