Antique Ivory Background Sultanabad Persian Rug 51101

Size: 8 ft 2 in x 10 ft 6 in (2.49 m x 3.2 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Antique Ivory Background Sultanabad Persian Rug 51101, Antique Rug Type: Persian, Weaving Date: 1900 – Like many extravagant antique Persian Sultanabad rugs, this elegant oriental rug features a memorable blend of autumn and earthy tones, designed to appear both soothing and inviting at the same time. The colors chosen to define the landscape are made all the more noticeable as a result of the unique contrast present throughout the beautiful antique area rug.

The viewer is better able to focus on the details of the borders and the core of the rug through the carefully rendered motions at the foreground. Winding vines and dancing leaves are presented in a natural network of motion, and the angular lines used to describe the movements help ground the motifs, particularly at the Persian rug’s center.

Sultanabad carpets have been prized for about 400 years when the workshops were first established during the Safavid Dynasty. This is an exquisite example with striking backgrounds of ivory, red, and earth tones. This carpet has several fascinating features that make this an exceptional example of Sultanabad weaving.

The design of the carpet demonstrates a typical Sultanabad pattern with a field and borders that are a garden of color and floral patterns. You can find several familiar symbolic motifs throughout the design. For instance, the lotus is represented in the borders, which symbolizes rebirth and longevity. It has oriental-style cloud bands connecting some of the floral motifs. This represents the heavenly realms. You will also find the boteh, or eternal flame, repeated throughout the smaller guard borders. The symbolism found throughout this carpet gives it special meaning.

Sultanabad carpets are known for their designs that have movement and draw the eye throughout the design. This carpet creates movement using vines, leaves, elongated floral and leaf patterns. The artistry of the carpet draws the eye from one layer of the design to another, connecting the field to the borders and each larger floral design to the others.

This design uses layers of motifs. It uses larger flowers to create larger geometric forms, and then it uses increasingly smaller flowers to fill in the spaces. This creates a design that is visually beautiful when viewed from a distance and when viewed up close.

The artistry of Sultanabad carpets is exquisite, but they are also known for their high-quality materials and fine workmanship. This Persian carpet might have been produced in one of the smaller workshops because the design does not resolve completely at the top as one would expect from one of the larger, more established carpet shops. Also, the motifs have some variation in size and shape, which also indicates a smaller shop. These characteristics provide just a few more clues about its history and the story that it has to tell.

This is a beautiful antique rug that would go well in a variety of styles and decors. It would work well in a traditional room or as part of a Bohemian room with lots of plants and natural materials. It is a splendid piece for any room.

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