Israeli Rug From the Bezalel Art School 47456

Size: 2 ft x 3 ft 2 in (0.61 m x 0.97 m)
Origin: Israeli Rugs

This antique Bezalel rug, crafted by Israel’s greatest art institution, features brilliant floral designs and rich vine scroll borders of contrasting tones, as well as Hebrew inscriptions.

Bezalel Art School Rug, Country of Origin: Israel, Circa Date: 1920 – This captivating antique carpet from Israel’s famed Bezalel art school is characterized by a large central floral medallion of arresting blue, framed by floral and vine scroll designs in pale earth tones. A similarly contrasting border of vines serves to frame the energy of the field while at the same time extending it outward. The trellis of beautiful vine scrolls that compose the border of this remarkable Bezalel rug create an impression of a frame that is designed specifically to highlight certain aesthetic elements of a painting – a quality that is especially apparent in the Hebrew inscriptions woven into the top and bottom of this piece. The overall impression of this meticulously crafted rug is of a unified composition of contrasting floral elements set against a soft background. The geometric yet playful nature of the floral and vine designs throughout the piece communicate an attention to detail and display important cultural design elements.

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