Antique Bokara Caucasian Rug 46276

Size: 7 ft x 8 ft 6 in (2.13 m x 2.59 m)

Created in the Caucasus, this Bokara-style main carpet depicts a stunning series of artful major and minor guls that are surrounded by multiple sets of grand borders.

Antique Bokara Rug, Caucasian, Early 20th Century – Beautifully composed and executed, this grand Caucasian Bokara rug showcases an exceptional series of repeating guls with depressed corners that highlight the secondary Chemche guls. The elegantly patterned field is enclosed by a lavish assortment of individual borders that embody the tribal artistry that is associated with the distinctive Bokara genre. These richly detailed borders feature intricate repeating burdock motifs, poly chromatic chevrons and complex tribal symbols. The sophisticated composition is bounded by decorative end pieces that depict complex poly chromatic lozenges, which are arranged in formal columns. Charming selvages decorated with ornamental hourglasses complete the elaborate visage of this exemplary antique Bokara Caucasian rug.

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