African Retro Rug 31625520

Size: 6 ft x 9 ft (1.83 m x 2.74 m)

This rug can be ordered in any standard or custom sizes.

Sophisticated African Retro Rug Type / Country of Origin: India Circa Date: Modern / New – The traditional designs of African Kuba cloth served as inspiration for mid century designers who copied these motifs to create beautiful modern works of art. These ancestral traditional designs have been handed down to the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo through the generations. Mid century designers were drawn to them for their geometric quality and a tribal feel that fit perfectly into the aesthetics of Mid century Modern décor.

Now, these carpets have once again made their way into a contemporary design repertoire. Modern design trends call for neutral colors and geometric designs as the foundation of the interior design. This gorgeous gray carpet is the perfect inspiration for a contemporary, neutral room.

This African Retro rug has modern look with its geometric design that resembles a classic Greek key pattern, only with a more organic feel. The angles are softened, and the design seems to develop organically to create a piece that is perfect for a retro or contemporary look. It would blend in with furniture that has clean lines and a minimalist design.

Gray is a staple in today’s design trends, and this gray on gray design is the perfect match. It could easily fit into a neutral room, or it could serve as a complement to more saturated, vibrant colors. It has a modern yet tribal feel that could even work in a Bohemian room design.

The carpet is made from wool and viscose, using a technique that created high and low areas. Texture plays an increasing role in modern design, and this is the perfect piece to give the room design a classic feel and dimension, too. This modern carpet with an ancient motif opens many new possibilities in room design, and it is the perfect piece for sparking your imagination and bringing out your creative potential.

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