African Retro Rug 31408371

Size: 10 ft x 14 ft (3.05 m x 4.27 m)

This rug can be ordered in any standard or custom sizes.

Currently, the following sizes are also available in stock:

31408370 – 6×9 – $2,255 ( Contact to purchase )

Sophisticated African Retro Rug Type / Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: Modern / New – Recreating a mid century retro look in a contemporary room is a design trend that is making headlines. Modern designers are looking to the past but giving the designs fresh and exotic updates. This African Retro rug is hand-knotted, leaving some of the pile looped and other areas cut to create a textured look with high and low areas of design. This is a modern take on a retro trend that is perfect for creating an updated mid century look.

Just as modern designers are looking to the past for inspiration, so did mid century designers, too. The designs of tribal cultures made their way into mid century designs to break up more rigid, streamlined styles. This design was inspired by the traditional Kuba cloth designs of the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The designs of this ancient weaving tradition go back many generations. They often reflected the world surrounding the community and represented the changing of the seasons or important events. Mid century designers used these designs to create carpets that had a natural, free-flowing feel.

This is the perfect modern rug for modern design trends that feature neutrals in geometric patterns. The carpet is made from wool and durable, natural viscose for updated, yet retro look. This carpet would be soulful and soft in a vintage space surrounded by contemporary furniture. It is modern and refined but also brings in elements from the natural world.

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