Guarantee on all rugs and carpets from Nazmiyal

At Nazmiyal, we have one of the largest collections of antique rugs and carpets in the world. Each piece is carefully selected for qualities that appeal to our dedicated clients. Regardless of their specific type, we seek out investment-worthy rugs and textiles.

Interior by David Rockwell

We satisfy our clients by offering an expansive selection of antique rugs at competitive prices. Our business model relies on a wholesale approach to the retail market. The breadth and the value of our inventory is another factor that sets us apart from other venders. By offering clients the best prices on the finest products, we can turn over our inventory quickly and add exciting new pieces to our collection regularly.

We select items for their quality, design, value and overall execution to ensure that our customers have the best experience and enjoy their purchase for years to come.

We guarantee our clients the lowest prices for the best quality pieces.

Also, please read our: money back guarantee