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Best Buys Antique Rugs - At the Nazmiyal Collection, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection of antique rugs. Our unique collection features antique rugs from all over the world: gorgeous and elegant carpets from Persia; stylish and exciting rugs from Morocco; and beautiful, tribal tapestries from the Caucuses are just some examples of the styles that go into making up our collection. Nazmiyal has been offering some of the best buys on antique rugs for over thirty years, and we invite you to explore out entire collection.

Best Buys Antique Rugs - Nazmiyal
Best Buys Antique Rugs

Finding the best buys on antique rugs need not be as challenging as it sounds - you can search the world over, or you can simply search our collection. Our large inventory and three decades of experience in the antique rug business allows us to price our pieces very competitively. At the Nazmiyal Collection, we are one hundred percent committed to offering our customers fair prices on outstanding antique carpets. Purchasing an antique rug from Nazmiyal is unlike purchasing an antique rug from anyone else.

At the Nazmiyal Collection, we firmly believe that the best customer is an educated customer. That’s why or website is full of the sort of information that we believe is most important for our prospective customers to know. Histories of styles, explanations of specific design motifs, and information about the provenance of each our pieces - from Moroccan rugs to Persian rugs - are all available to assist you in making the right decision. That’s because when it comes to getting the best buys on antique rugs, there’s more to consider than fair prices. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is just one reason that Nazmiyal is the premier antique rug collection in the United States.

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