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Antique Rugs and Carpets by Room Size - Antique rugs and carpets are available in a wide variety of sizes. Based on the size of the space that you are working with, you will want to search through certain size carpets.

Click on the preset rug sizes below to search antique rugs and carpets by room sizes to find the carpet that is best suited for your particular space. We all lead busy lives and sometimes we simply want to find what we are looking for without the hassle of conducting search after search.

With that in mind, we have categorized our inventory based on the most popular as well as the most common room size requirements. So if you are looking for just a small rug to place in an entry, a runner for a hall or even a large or "extra large" rug, simply click on the corresponding image to see the selection.

Each individual section contains each item in our inventory that corresponds to the specified size parameters.

Quick search based on general sizes below:

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